SLC Result 2069 Published.

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How To Remove iph.exe?

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If you are having problem with iph.exe then don’t worry, It not a major virus. Its just a simple malware program that does nothing then duplicate itself in the flash drives you plugin into your computer. But the major problem that you face while you become its victim is that, when you open Command Prompt (DOS) program, the countdown starts saying that your computer will shutdown in 50 mins or like that. You can abort this by just typing “shutdown -a” in the Run(Ctrl+R) for this time.

If you haven’t still identified what the virus is then, here is its basic characterstics..

1.Its kinda virus, so you ll always find it in your pendrive or any portable USB devices that you plugin.
2.You can’t just safely remove your USB drive from the status bar’s option, so you have to eject it manually.
3.Your computer behaves like an alien and gets Hang all the time even when you are working with small programs like notepad.
4.Everytime you open Command Prompt, you will see a popup saying that your computer will shutdown in 50 mins or like that.
Whats the solution?

The solution is simple. First of all, open your notepad and type the following..

@echo off
shutdown -a
taskkill /f /im iph.exe
del “%systemroot%\iph.exe” /f /q /s /a h r s a
del “%systemroot%\system.exe” /f /q /s /a h r s a
Now save this with .bat extension like iph-killer.bat . now double click it and you and your computer is SAFE.

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Internet Explorer is one such program that could become slow and unresponsive with time. If you too are facing the same problem and want to make your Internet Explorer as good as new here are some of the tricks that might do wonders.
We all keep track of new version of almost all the applications installed on our system but what about Internet Explorer? I’ve seen my friends who still work on Windows Vista having a tough time with IE7, when I ask them as to why don’t they upgrade their Internet Explorer they say, “Dude, the purpose of checking mails and updating Facebook status is solved”. Well, guess what, they don’t know the benefits of a faster browser and of course the security implications of using old browser versions. You know about them, don’t you? So make sure you get the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Disable Unnecessary Add-ons
No doubt add-ons add to our browsing experience but you can’t ignore the fact that they take time to load and affect your browser loading time. I am not saying you disable all the add-ons, what I mean is you can disable few add-ons you don’t use for everyday browsing.

To disable add-ons open Manage Add-ons from the Tools dropdown menu and enable or disable the add-on of your choice.
If you want to disable all the add-ons at one go you can download Microsoft Fixit file, run it and follow the wizard to get an add-on free Internet Explorer.
Cleanup Everything
Sometimes due to corrupted cache files and browsing history Internet Explorer may take time to load pages or the browser my become unresponsive and crash frequently. The best solution to this kind of problem is deleting the entire browsing history along with all the temporary internet and cache files.

You can use tools like Ccleaner to delete browsing history, cookies, temporary Internet files etc., in the easiest possible way.
Reset Internet Explorer

Well this must be the last resort but if none of the above tricks work for you resetting Internet Explorer to factory settings may fix all the problems. Ensure that you have a backup of bookmarks and other browser settings before you do that. To automatically reset Internet Explorer settings download and run the Microsoft Fixit file and follow the on screen steps.

[Howto] Make your Flash Drive or Pen Drive to Virtual Memory/RAM

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Hey guys I’ve recently tried out this experiment and hope this is very useful for those PC which has very low configuration. This is all about saving your pocket money. Read the rest of this entry »

How to link friends profile with their link in facebook

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Hello friends since long I have come with special stuff of Facebook. Actually this incidence was happen when my friends used to talk with me about facebook Read the rest of this entry »

Download LOGO Programing Language

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Find the download link to download LOGO Program in your computer.


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HSEB result 2067 published…

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HSEB result 2067 published…

To Download
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Folder Making Challenge (Batch Programming with Small Script.)

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I apologize for long time no posting. After long day I suddenly remember one small Read the rest of this entry »

SLC Result 2066, 2067 Published…

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SLC 2066/67 result published and you can directly download from this site..Because i have already downloaded from the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Why You Should Adopt HTML5—Now

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HTML5 continues to grow and gain adoption across the web, as many marketers have discovered the advantage of HTML5 to extend video to a wide range of platforms (as mentioned in my April 22 post, Are You Ready for the New iPad Era with HTML5?). According to TechCrunch, nearly two-thirds of web video is already encoded for HTML5. As HTML5 keeps evolving, many limitations continue to be overcome. One of HTML5’s biggest benefits for marketers is its native video support. HTML5 videos can be built directly into supporting browsers, which enables publishers to deliver full-motion, high-quality video faster. There are also direct video SEO benefits.
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